Gaming in the BBS Era (SFGE 2022 Panel)

About This Episode

This year we decided to just go to the Southern-Fried Gaming Expo and have fun. But fun for us includes doing panels and connecting with the great folks who attended this awesome convention. We recorded the panel on BBSes that we hosted and want to share it with all of our Fourth Listeners! This is a topic we did for one of our Backtracks and we had a blast talking to people, taking questions, and sharing experiences!

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Show Notes

  • Southern-Fried Gaming Expo »
  • Link to the original Backtrack »
  • A History of BBSes »
  • History of Early Modems »
  • The Sounds of Different Modems »
  • The Lost Civilization of Dial-Up Bulletin Boards »
  • Forgotten World of BBS Door Games »
  • History of Online Forums »
  • Mail the show »
  • Visit us on YouTube »

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About The Author

Mo As someone who barely manages to squeeze in as a GenXer my memories include more of the 70's than those younger GenXers. Reading and movies are my passions with some video gaming thrown in there for good measure!

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