Atari’s Lunar Lander Beyond | The 2024 Reimagining of the Arcade Original

In this narrative-centric revival of Atari’s classic IP, players are placed in the shoes of a newly appointed captain of the Pegasus corporation with the task of leading a fleet of landers.

What begins as a simple task of completing risky (but standard) landing missions quickly escalates when a series of mysterious portals open up and send the galaxy into disarray.

You and your eclectic crew will weave through a tale of conspiracy and intrigue across various planets and moons in increasingly challenging landing missions.

While the “lunar lander” genre has existed since the 1969 moon landing in the form of deep text-based sims, the true roots can be traced directly to Atari’s own arcade title, Lunar Lander, released in 1979. That cabinet came equipped with a thruster control and immensely punishing difficulty that is still daunting to unsuspecting players today.

Lunar Lander Beyond takes largely leans into modern sensibilities, but doesn’t shy away from a lot of retro elements throughout the experience. This includes the entire menu and UI interface designed to resemble computers of the time period.

Also unchanged is the classic controls on the starter lander which uses that same ship control requiring tank-like steering while taking gravity and fuel elements into account for that perfect landing in each mission.

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