Atari Yars’ Revenge Sequel Update from HOWARD SCOTT WARSHAW: The Man Himself!

Every Atari 2600 fan knows (and has likely played & loved) Yars’ Revenge. Now, in celebration of Atari 50th anniversary, it has been announced that a true sequel to Yars’ is in development and none other than Howard Scott Warshaw — the creator of the original — is signed on to develop the title!

Over the past week, there has been some speculation as to whether this was the same “Yars’ Revenge Reimagined” featured in the Atari 50th: The Anniversary Celebration software bundle. Well, wonder no more! Howard Scott Warshaw himself dropped GenXGrownUp a line to clear up any confusion.

How excited are you? What do you think absolutely must (or must not) be included in a Yars’ Revenge sequel? What are you hoping to see? And further, what questions about the sequel would you like to see answered in the upcoming interview with HSW?

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