Astral Genesis Review

Astral Genesis

  • Pet Piranha Entertainment
  • Story/Creator: Jay Magnum
  • Written By: Ivan M. Cohen
  • Pencils by: Ariel Medel
  • Inks by: Victor Ricardo, Nava Corona
  • Colors by: Erick Arciniega, Ander Zarate
  • Letters by: Jacob Bascle

Astral Genesis is the latest in sci-fi superhero epics. This time brought to you by small comic publisher, Pet Piranha Entertainment. Astral Genesis is the tale of a disgraced astronaut, government cover-ups, and alien invasions based on a screenplay by story creator, Jay Magnum.

Years after a devastating occurrence, the earth is still trying to put the pieces back together. Famous (not infamous) astronaut, Jonathan DeVane, is in hiding. Blamed for a failed attempt to save the earth, DeVane now works odd jobs. After a skirmish at a construction site, he is picked up by a former comrade and tasked with escorting a top secret caravan. As you can guess, not everything is at it seems. The caravan is attacked and the strange cargo is revealed.  Now DeVane, a young Russian prodigy, and a mysterious yet powerful young woman are on the run as they try to save the planet, and covert government agencies and otherworldly beings are hot on their trail.

Our central character is Jonathan DeVane, a well-rounded character; tough and sarcastic yet an excellent problem solver. Seeing this world through his eyes (correction: eye — he wears a patch) is undeniably fun. The other standout character is Lila, who is a very strong being from another world. Lila is seeing our planet with a fresh set of eyes, and she comes across as almost naive but a quick learner. The rest of the cast is fairly standard from government agents to a horny Russian hacker to DeVane’s highly capable ex-fiance’.

The art team knocks this book out of the park with a fun, classic vibe — and by classic I’m referring here to the 90s. The sets and characters all have an early 90s look but not the muscles on muscles and belt pouches everywhere you might expect. While the art is nice to look at, it also pushes the story along and you can easily tell what’s happening without reading the dialogue. The coloring is nice and bright which adds to the fun as you are reading a huge action adventure story.

Astral Genesis is right out of the 1980/90s sci-fi blockbuster genre. Everything screams, “feature film,” and that’s a good thing. This feels like the films I enjoyed growing up like Independence Day, The Abyss, or Men In Black. Pet Piranha Entertainment has the right idea here: instead of giving us six issues spread out over six months we get everything in one book! This keeps the pace going while still allowing for a little breath in between action.

If you enjoy fast past adventure then Astral Genesis is for you. A lot of fun elements that we don’t get to see a lot of now a days. Pet Piranha has more planned, so stay tuned.

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