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What’s Up With the Ataribox?

As more news trickles out about Atari’s new hardware, Ataribox, GXG ponders what it might eventually be and whether or not it’s a thing we need. Want, yes. But need? Subscribe ? Facebook ? Website ? Theme: “Grown Up” by Beefy ?

Upgrade & Review of Gigabyte Brix S Barebones – GXG Reviews

It’s upgrade time for the small form-factor PC Jon hooks up to hotel TVs when he’s on the road (the last few have fallen victim to rough baggage handers). This time he’s stepping up to the Gigabyte Brix S (GB-BSi5HA-6200). Come along for the upgrade, setup, and review of this barebones PC from Gigabyte. Gigabyte […]

Walk & Talk About the Crowdfunded Universal Gamepad, ALL Controller

The All Controller claims to be the world’s first truly universal gamepad. We backed them in Kickstarter, and in this walk & talk we discuss the reasons why. Subscribe ?? Facebook ?? Website ?? Podcast ?? Theme: “Grown Up” by Beefy ?? ALL Controller on Kickstarter ??

Atari Flea Market Acquisition

A few weeks ago I visited a local flea market and walked into a semi-established used video game vendor. I poked around a bit looking for anything good & vintage but really saw only a few bits & bobs. I asked the owner if he had any early Atari stuff and he directed me to […]

Star Trek Phaser Remote Control Replica Review

From Star Trek: TOS to Star Trek: Discovery the one thing every Starfleet cadet wanted to get their hands on was a Phaser! Now you can own your very own Star Trek Replica Phaser. Maybe you’re looking for the perfect gift for that Star Trek fan in your life? In this video Mo shows you […]
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