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Lego-Style Buildable Arcade Cabinets from Arcade Classics

Basic Fun has taken their Arcade Classics line to the next level with their new buildable cabinets and we’re happy to share them with you along with some interesting facts about these all-time greats. #genxgrownup #arcadeclassics Buy Yours! » (affiliate) Subscribe » Patreon » Merchandise » Podcast » Discord » […]
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World’s Smallest View-Master

We’re all kids at heart at GenXGrownUp. And few things remind us of our childhood like reimaginings of the toys we enjoyed growing up. Take a look as Jon checks out the World’s Smallest View-Master from Super Impulse #ViewMaster #Kids #Teens #YouTubers #GenXGrownUp Get Yours » Subscribe » Patreon » Merchandise » […]
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Ms. Pac-Man Board Game Review (1983)

The Ms Pac Man Board Game is a classic family game night staple from 1983. Sit back and munch on some dots as Jon gives us a brief overview of the Milton Bradley GenXGrownUp version of Ms Pac Man … The Board Game. #genxgrownup #pacman #boardgame Subscribe » Patreon » Merchandise » […]
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Kool-Aid Jammers – A Retro Drink Mix Taste Test!

Kool-Aid Jammers have been around for a long time but recently Kool-Aid has re-released a few of their retro drink mixes and there’s nothing that a GenXGrownUp loves more than Kool-Aid. Join Jon as he takes us on a retro taste test and reviews these new/old Kool-Aid mixes! #genxgrownup #koolaid Buy Retro Kool-Aid Flavors » […]
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LEGO Rubik’s Cube?! – Building Blocks & Puzzle Toy Come Together as One!

LEGO bricks? Awesome. Rubik’s Cube? Awesome. And if we’ve learned anything from Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, two great tastes taste great together! Small Fish delivers this Building Block Puzzle Cube available now on Amazon for dirt cheap – have a look! Get Yours NOW! » genxgrownup #lego #rubikscube Subscribe » Patreon » […]