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Brick It So! GXG Builds the Kubros Picard

When Picard was liberated from the Borg he had to put himself back together piece by piece. George figured, why not do the same thing after getting the Kubros Picard figure in a GeekFuel box. Picard Kubros Figure » GeekFuel Mystery Crates » Subscribe » Facebook » Twitter » Website […]
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Bugs Bunny’s Space Carrot – 1977 Kid Stuff Book & Record | Full Story!

In 1977, Bugs Bunny built a space rocket that ran on carrot juice. How did that turn out? Find out in this full Kid Stuff book & record! Friday Night Arcade » #genxgrownup #bugsbunny Subscribe » Patreon » Merchandise » Facebook » Twitter » Website » Podcast » […]
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Monster Cereals 2020 – A GenXGrownUp Taste Test

It’s time to explore Monster Cereals 2020 with a GenXGrownUp Taste Test! Want to know the monster cereals 2020 release date, or monster cereals 2020 where to buy? Who cares, let’s just eat and reminisce and all that Halloween greatness! Jon tests all three flavors; Monster Cereals Boo Berry, Count Chocula, and Frankenberry. #monstercereals #CountChocula […]
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Mail Call for February 2018

Jon opens up the first round of GenXGrownUp viewer donations. Today we have 2 packages chock full of goodness. Goods and toys from all over the GenXGrownUp landscape including comics, home game consoles, and even a crazy new puzzle cube from franchises like Deadpool, Captain America, Atari, Hellraiser, The Goonies, Thundercats and more. Subscribe » […]