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The Martian (2015) Review

The Martian (2015) – Rated PG-13 – Reviewed October 6, 2015 – IMdb Miss me? I can’t believe I went through such a dry spell! From looking back on the movies that have been released in the last couple of months I see why I haven’t gone out of my way to catch a flick somewhere. […]

The Gifted, Blue Yeti, & Oxenfree

Discussions range from updates on The Orville, a little more Firefly pain, some not-ready-for-primetime Microsoft AR tech, a deep Atari throwback, a better alternative to Inhumans, Blade Runner 2049, and some vibrating theater seats.     Facebook » Twitter » Website » Podcast » Theme: “Grown Up” by Beefy » […]

Backtrack: Local Radio Experience

Listening to music was a different experience when we were kids. DJs were local, you had to wait to hear your favorite song, and trying to record something off the radio took skill, patience and luck! Listen as we talk about the local radio experience and we would love for you to share some of […]
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Top 10 Box Office Bombs of the 1980s

Mo is back with an all new edition of Movies You Probably Missed & this time he’s taking the low road. Yeah, these might all be failed movies, but we loved these box office flops! Here is Mo’s list of his favorite Top 10 Box Office Bombs of the 1980s. The Manhattan Project » […]
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Wreck-It Ralph 2 Final Trailer Analysis

Jon is back with another in-depth analysis of the new Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 trailer and we FINALLY get what we’ve been waiting for! Plot points, cameos, and even a Rubik’s Cube thrown in for good measure. Grab your joystick, throw in a quarter, and enjoy our latest video. Get Wreck-It Ralph […]

Guano Guy, Black Badge, & Pearl (feat. Mark Darden)

About This Episode In this episode of the Drawn & Paneled Podcast, George & Jason welcome Mark Darden, the creator of Guano Guy, to the show where we discuss news on Image Comics, 2000AD, Aspen Comics, and how you can enter the 1st ever Drawn & Paneled Giveaway Contest. In the round table we discuss […]