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Superman for the Atari 2600 – GXG Re-Plays

Jon takes you on a tour of Metropolis as he replays and reminisces about one his favorite Atari 2600 games, Superman! Buy a Superman cartridge » Get your own Atari 2600 » Subscribe » Facebook » Website » Podcast » Theme: “Grown Up” by Beefy »

Twincop Co-Op Madness! | Pre-Release Preview

Ever since we first tried out Twincop at the 2017 South Florida Gameroom Expo in Atlanta, we’ve been dying to play again. And the time has finally come! Finite Reflection joins us for some raucous cooperative multiplayer pc gaming! Join us for a co-op live stream as we try out Twincop before it launches later […]

Exploring the Atari 7800’s Game Catalog – GXG Live

The Atari 7800 was an Atari console I entirely missed growing up. I was already into the 8-bit computers by the time it launched, so these versions of 80s classics are entirely new to me. Come along for the adventure as I take a first look at what made the 7800 ProSystem so different from […]
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How to Find the Zork-Style Easter Egg Hidden in Google

“You are standing in an open field west of a white house, with a boarded front door.” That famous line Zork from Infocom captured our imaginations as young GenX gamers and now Google has rewarded us with an all new Zork-style text adventure game. The best part is it’s totally free. All you need is […]

Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human – GXG Live

Explore the ruins of the human race and discover the thriving wildlife that blossomed after our extinction in this underwater action/adventure. Encounter monstrous creatures and let curiosity guide you through an inevitable voyage of extinction. GXG takes a live look at this 2D metroidvania style underwater adventure. On Humble » On Steam » […]
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