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Maggie (2015) Review

This is the first in a series of “You Probably Missed It” reviews, highlighting non-blockbuster films which you likely never saw or even heard of, but just might be worth seeking out. Maggie is a small-budget independent zombie film starring a little-known Austrian-born actor named Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Whatever you might have imagined when you read […]

A Lot of Heart & a Little Strange: Jason’s Comic Reviews

Welcome back to my ever-evolving comic reviews. Each week I will review a few new releases you may have missed on new comic Wednesday. As things change, mostly my mood, so will this column. Some weeks may be several new comics from various publishers or sometimes just one. There might be a time when it’s […]

War Dogs (2016) Review

War Dogs (2016) – Rated R – Reviewed September 6, 2016 – IMDb Couple of things about this movie surprised me: That this thing actually happened That Jonah Hill is actually a pretty good actor Who would have thought that two twenty somethings could win a 300 million dollar contract to supply arms? Knowing that this […]

Trespasser Indie Comic Gets Optioned

As reported on Deadline, Endeavor Content and Wonder Woman co-writer Jason Fuchs have acquired the rights to Trespasser, the 2017 graphic novel written by Justin M. Ryan and published by Alterna Comics. Fuchs will produce with script written by Gabe Hobson, the in-demand TV scribe who most recently was a staff writer on True Detective for Season 3 (which premieres on HBO on […]

GenXGrownUp at Dragon Con 2018

If you’re in or around the Atlanta area this weekend, or better yet, are headed to the nerd mecca known worldwide as Dragon Con, we hope you’ll make time to visit with Jon, George, and Mo and participate in some of the events we have going on. GenXGrownUp has a full slate of activities we’re […]

The Visit (2015) Review

The Visit (2015) – Rated PG-13 – Reviewed October 26, 2015 – IMDb OK, I have a confession to make….. I can’t quit M. Night Shyamalan.               I’ve tried, oh lord, how I have tried. I even made a chart showing his fall. (How geeky is that?) Here’s my mini-reviews […]