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Dragon Con’s Dragon Awards Publishes Its 2018 Ballot

ATLANTA – Dragon Con’s Dragon Awards, a fan-chosen awards program to recognize outstanding achievement in science fiction and fantasy literature, comics, gaming, and filmed entertainment, has published its 2018 ballot. The Dragon Awards are decidedly a “fans’ choice” award. All fans – not just Dragon Con members or attendees – are invited to select the […]

Pixels (2015) Review

My anticipation for Pixels had been ramping up for over a year. Still riding on the high of 2012’s classic gaming themed Wreck-It Ralph (which, if seeing it nearly a dozen times in the theater and dozens more at home counts as liking it, then I liked it), I was eager to see what would come […]

Jason’s Comic Reviews #4

Welcome back to my ever-evolving comic reviews. Each week I will review a few new releases you may have missed on new comic Wednesday. As things change, mostly my mood, so will this column. Some weeks may be several new comics from various publishers or sometimes just one. There might be a time when it’s […]

What Is The Orville Trying to Be?

So far I’ve seen the first three episodes of Seth MacFarlane’s sci-fi comedy series on FOX, The Orville. And while I’m enjoying what I’ve seen so far, I’m stuck trying to figure out what it’s trying to be. I was braced for a dick-jokey, Spaceballsy, irreverent sort of eye-rolling parody show, but instead I got sideswiped […]

Inside Out (2015) Review

Inside Out – Rated PG – Reviewed June 25, 2105 IMDb First off, I have to say that I have the coolest kids in the world (I know opinions may differ but I am am right and everyone else is wrong, so there). I saw this on Father’s Day with my daughter and it hit me […]

RV9: Mad Cave’s New Spy Thriller

Press Release: Family isn’t a word, it’s an Order in Mad Cave’s spy thriller, RV9 Writer Ben Goldsmith (The Seance Room) and artist Travis Mercer explore the futuristic streets of Italy in the year 2055 with, RV9. This fast-paced spy thriller bleeds with intrigue as colorist María Santaolalla (Unholy Grail, Brothers Dracul) and letterer Justin […]