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TRON: The Video Games! – GenXGrownUp Live

Tron, the 1982 computer fantasy adventure film, inspired scores of classic video games. In this video, we try out several of them ranging from the arcade offerings to those that made their way to home consoles. Get Fiery Five Beans » (affiliate) Tron Games! » (affiliate) #tron #arcade #atari #genxgrownup Subscribe » […]

Is The Atari VCS Worth It? – First Look

Is The Atari VCS worth it? That’s the question everyone is asking right now. Gaming news sites everywhere have been spitting out articles left and right. We’re no different here at GenXGrownUp, as Jon was one of the first Indiegogo supporters when the Atari VCS was first announced. For a long time we teased him […]

Basic Fun Pac Man 40th Anniversary Arcade Classics – Review

We finally got our Basic Fun Pac Man 40th Anniversary Mini Arcade machine. Is it worth the price? Is it the same as arcade classics pac man 14? Is it better than the my arcade pac man 40th anniversary console? #PACMAN40thAnniversary #pacman #MyArcade #genxgrownup Get Your 40th Anniversary Pac-Man Stuff » (affiliate) Subscribe » […]

Die Hard Arcade… for the Holidays! – GenXGrownUp Live

Die Hard is a Christmas movie, and thus, Die Hard Arcade shall be deemed a Christmas arcade game! Die Hard Arcade, known in Japan as Dynamite Deka (????????, Dainamaito Deka, lit. Dynamite Detective) is a beat ’em up video game released by Sega. It was the first beat ’em up to use texture-mapped polygonal graphics, […]

Lost Worlds from Nova Game Designs

We love a good RPG Game Book and Nova Game Designs didn’t disappoint with its 1983 offering Lost Worlds. A modular gamebook combat system, Lost Worlds walked the line between literature and RPG gameplay! Check out our nostalgic review as Mo relives his youth through his favorite RPG Game Book series, Lost Worlds! #IndieGames #RPGBook […]

Pac-Man 40th Anniversary – My Arcade Your Questions Answered

The Pac-Man 40th Anniversary My Arcade unit is here and Jon is ready to answer all your questions in our unbiased review. The My Arcade Pac Man 40th Anniversary mini arcade player sure looks pretty but does it live up to the hype? #PACMAN40thAnniversary #MyArcade #genxgrownup Get Yours » (affiliate) or Get Something Better […]

Coleco Chameleon Book Kickstarter – Mike James Speaks Out!

Have you heard of the Coleco Chameleon book through Kickstarter? That’s right. One of the original Co-Hosts/Founders of the Retro Gaming Roundup podcast, Mike James, agreed to sit down with GenXGrownUp and discuss his new book, Smoke & Mirrors, which gives readers the inside scoop on one of the most famous Crowdfunding Scams of all […]
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