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Mappy My Arcade – Mini Arcade Review

Mappy from My Arcade is a great representation of how to do these Mini Arcade machines right. MY Arcade gamer portable machines are gorgeous and a My Arcade video game is always fun to play. Jon from GenXGrownUp takes us on the grand tour of this Mappy mini arcade. I mean after all, even though […]

How To Build an Arcade Marquee Light Box

Would you like to own your very own Arcade Marquee Light Box? Well look no further, Mo from GenXGrownup has the “How To”, DIY video you’ve been looking for! #genxgrownup #arcade Parts ListQuadro Frames 8×24 inch Picture Frame » LED Strip Light White, 16.4ft Dimmable Vanity Lights » High Gloss White » […]

Lego-Style Buildable Arcade Cabinets from Arcade Classics

Basic Fun has taken their Arcade Classics line to the next level with their new buildable cabinets and we’re happy to share them with you along with some interesting facts about these all-time greats. #genxgrownup #arcadeclassics Buy Yours! » (affiliate) Subscribe » Patreon » Merchandise » Podcast » Discord » […]

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Yars’ Revenge!

Yars’ Revenge Is one of the best Atari 2600 games of all time. There’s so much more to Yars’ than meets the eye, though. From Easter Eggs to secret meanings, here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about the classic home console hit! #genxgrownup #atari2600 Get Yars’ Revenge » Subscribe » Patreon […]

World’s Smallest View-Master

We’re all kids at heart at GenXGrownUp. And few things remind us of our childhood like reimaginings of the toys we enjoyed growing up. Take a look as Jon checks out the World’s Smallest View-Master from Super Impulse #ViewMaster #Kids #Teens #YouTubers #GenXGrownUp Get Yours » Subscribe » Patreon » Merchandise » […]

Great Movies To Watch With Your Dad

Great Movies To Watch are sometimes hard to find but Mo and his father shared these wonderful films and now we share them with you. Enjoy! #Movies #Best #GenerationX #BabyBoomers Subscribe » Patreon » Merchandise » Podcast » Discord » Facebook » Twitter » Website » Theme: […]

Donkey Kong Jr. Home Ports, From First to Worst

The Donkey Kong Jr Atari 2600 home port of the 1982 arcade classic is considered to be one of the worst ports of all time by many gamers. Sit back and watch Jon struggle through the 8 worst home ports of Donkey Kong Jr of all time. #retrogaming #videogames #atari #nintendo #colecovision #retrogames #classicgames Subscribe […]

Ms. Pac-Man Board Game Review (1983)

The Ms Pac Man Board Game is a classic family game night staple from 1983. Sit back and munch on some dots as Jon gives us a brief overview of the Milton Bradley GenXGrownUp version of Ms Pac Man … The Board Game. #genxgrownup #pacman #boardgame Subscribe » Patreon » Merchandise » […]

Kool-Aid Jammers – A Retro Drink Mix Taste Test!

Kool-Aid Jammers have been around for a long time but recently Kool-Aid has re-released a few of their retro drink mixes and there’s nothing that a GenXGrownUp loves more than Kool-Aid. Join Jon as he takes us on a retro taste test and reviews these new/old Kool-Aid mixes! #genxgrownup #koolaid Buy Retro Kool-Aid Flavors » […]

Galaga Micro Arcade vs. Tiny Arcade

The Galaga Micro Arcade has some competition in the form of the Galaga Tiny Arcade. Which form factor will win out? Sit back and relax while Jon from GenXGrownUp spends his time and hard-earned money to bring you all the answers! #Galaga #MicroArcade #TinyArcade Galaga Micro Arcade » (affiliate) Galaga Tiny Arcade » […]
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