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Atari Gamestation Pro, Strange Planet, & The Making of Karateka

About This Episode We watch a new animated series that mixes relevant social commentary with its over-the-top humor, check out the much-anticipated new Atari plug-and-play from manufacturer My Arcade, and blast off for outer space with Bethesda’s big new sci-fi action RPG! Patreon » » » » » GenXGrownUp.comPodcast » […]

70s & 80s Home Decor

About This Episode When you look a photos from our youth, the dead giveaway of the time is the iconic way our homes were decorated. Most of those trends have faded away, some have evolved, and still others are just the way we remember them. In this Backtrack we look back at GenX household decor […]

Blue Beetle, Ahsoka, & The Entropy Centre

About This Episode We return to a galaxy far, far away to catch up on the events after the fall of the Empire, check out a new high-quality lighting solution to make you look better on that next Zoom meeting, and we break out the chess pieces for the game of kings in a way […]

1980s Fashion Trends

About This Episode The ’80s featured fast music, sporty cars, TV in every home, and new materials that changed the world. Everything was somehow bigger, brighter, and bolder than any decade before, and that included fashion. For both men and women, ’80s fashion created some iconic looks that we won’t soon forget, and in this […]

Talk to Me, EarTrumpet, & Baldur’s Gate 3

About This Episode We head to the theatre to see what critics are calling the best horror film of the year, check out a free must-have audio app for your Windows PC, and have some Dungeons & Dragons role-playing fun in the latest entry in the Baldur’s Gate franchise! Patreon » » » […]

Purple Rain

About This Episode On August 3rd, 1983, less than a year before the release of Purple Rain, the attendees of a benefit concert for the Minnesota Dance Theatre, in Minneapolis, were witnesses to history. On that night, in the very first live performance by Prince and the newly minted Revolution, the public heard for the […]

Oppenheimer, Tomy Scramble, & SFGE Board Games

About This Episode We strike out for the New Mexico desert to see how the dawn of the Atomic Age translated to the big screen, unearth a forty-year-old electronic toy based on a classic arcade machine, and take stock of all the new games we acquired at this year’s Southern-Fried Gaming Expo in Atlanta! Patreon […]


About This Episode Initially released in 1969, toy brand, Nerf, is is a GenX product that grew up right along with us. In this episode, we look back at the origin and history of the toy line that started with a simple foam ball. All that plus we’ll share our own childhood memories of playing […]

The Flash, Tron Handheld, & Empires & Puzzles

About This Episode We head to the theatre to see what ’90s Batman nostalgia brings to DC’s latest release, check out some indoor/outdoor lighting solutions to illuminate your home, and play an addictive mobile game that blends RPG elements into a traditional match-3 puzzle system! Patreon » » » » » […]

Raiders of the Lost Ark

About This Episode In 1981, we thrilled to the adventure of an intrepid archaeologist as he raced to beat a band of Nazis to a unique religious relic. Now, more than forty years later, the tale of our favorite whip-wielding hero is coming to an end with the fifth and final film. In this Backtrack, […]

The Boogeyman, Diablo 4, & Redragon Gaming Headset

About This Episode We watch a new Hulu thriller series that highlights the changing face of crime and the criminal justice system, test drive a new gaming headset for those marathon online sessions, and play a super-nostalgic puzzle platformer where you’re tasked with rescuing stranded spacemen! Patreon » » » » […]


About This Episode In 1983, whiz kid David Lightman found a digital back door into a military computer system. Thinking he was playing a computer game, he instead triggers a sequence of events that nearly triggers World War III. In this Backtrack, we remember and celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the GenX classic, WarGames! Discord […]
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