Activision Alums Deliver for the Atari 2600: Audacity Games Circus Convoy!

Before they left their last stop, it is believed that a saboteur from a rival circus snuck onto one of the convoys and messed with one or more of the sideshows. Damage to the sideshow mechanisms might make it impossible for circus patrons to have a fair chance to earn the prizes – damaging the Heartland Circus’ reputation for fair play. It is also believed that the saboteur may have reconnected and used one or more of the condemned “Magic Transporter” machines kept under lock and key in cargo trailers. (We obtained these machines from a defunct act after they were found to alternately duplicate or kill the magician using them. It is also rumored that the ghosts of magicians who died trying to perfect human transportation as part of their act haunt the Heartland Circus to this day.)

Our saboteur also scattered many of the circus props and equipment throughout the convoys. Many of these are dangerous and can cause you harm. For example, the saboteur broke into the Snake Boy’s trailer and released all of the small snakes he uses in his act. Also watch out for The Swami’s deadly cobras.

Someone has to seek out, enter, and complete every sideshow (before the next stop, and at highway speed) to make sure every target or skill can be completed. If in the process the saboteur is found and captured, all the better.

Unfortunately, in his guise as Andre, The Chameleon will have to energize and enter one or more of the dangerous transporters to reach every sideshow on all of the company’s truck convoys. Wish him luck that they don’t malfunction with catastrophic results.

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