Dream Fly HC628 Pocket Drone Unboxening

Have a look at the unboxing & setup of the Dream Fly HC628 Pocket Drone. Buy » amzn.to/2nLE0e7 Subscribe » GenXGrownUp.com/yt Facebook » fb.me/GenXGrownUp Twitter » GenXGrownUp.com/twitter Website » GenXGrownUp.com Podcast » GenXGrownUp.com/pod Merchandise » GenXGrownUp.com/merch Theme: “Grown Up” by Beefy » beefyness.com A proud affiliate of Geeks WorldWide » thegww.com

Zungle Mod: Destruction or Perfection?

GXG-006 : My Zungle bluetooth headphone glasses are crushing my head! They’re too tight to wear for more than a few minutes. Watch as I try a potentially destructive mod to either salvage or demolish my new crowdfunded eyewear. Get your own Zungles » www.zungleinc.com Subscribe » GenXGrownUp.com/yt Podcast » GenXGrownUp.com/pod Facebook » fb.me/GenXGrownUp Website […]

Malaysian Knockoff Building Bricks

LEGO bricks are great, but lately I’ve found an affinity for the variety of knockoff bricks from overseas. I take a look at some minifigs and city street sets from Malaysia and put together a “KFE” set.